• S. Parris

Trip Re-cap: Montego Bae

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Montego Bay, Jamaica for the first time. 5 days filled with perfect weather, clear water & great food. I'll be sharing all the details of my stay below

S Hotel

I stayed at the S Hotel Jamaica, located about 6 minutes away from the MBJ airport. I could literally go on for days about how much I love this place, so I'll break it down in sections:

Rooms: Our room was just the right size, and included all the amenities we needed during our stay, including a mini fridge, double sink, double shower, bathtub, couch, and terrace.

Restaurant/Bars: The hotel included a restaurant and pool grill. The restaurant provided us with a buffet breakfast & dinner every day; with great meal choices and refreshments which was included in our stay. Outside of breakfast and dinner hours was the pool grill menu, which wasn't included but had some very reasonably priced items.

Pools: S Hotel featured 2 pools: 1 rooftop Infiniti pool & their main pool on the ground level. Being that my stay was from a Monday - Friday I found that neither pools were ever too crowded. There were plenty cabanas and chairs at the main pool, and the rooftop pool was also usually empty. Both pools had bars with plenty seating. The main pool had live music every night by either a band or a DJ that really set the vibe!

Beach: The beach was located right behind the pool. S Hotel provided beach towels, and lounge chairs/umbrellas. When I tell you, this was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life! The ocean water was so calm and clear, that I could see fish straight through. I'm not usually one to go any deeper than knee-height in the ocean because I'm not a great swimmer, but I couldn't help but go into this ocean almost all day everyday. There were locals selling hand crafted items also which made the experience feel authentic. The beach closed at 6PM each day.

Activities: I'm not an excursion type of girl; but I did go on a glass bottom boat tour through the ocean. It was a guided tour for about $45/person for 2 hours where we saw some coral reefs & got to go snorkeling. Our guides absolutely made the experience; they were so personable & accommodating. In addition to the boat tour we took a tour through the local town, and ate at a local restaurant called "Peppa's".

The goal of my trip was mainly to unplug from responsibilities & enjoy relaxation; mission accomplished! Below are some photos from my stay, feel free to message me for any questions about anything I might have forgot to cover :)

Until next time!