• S. Parris

Trip Re-cap: Italy

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Last month I had the luxury of traveling to Italy in celebration of my boyfriend's birthday. We chose Almafi Coast as our destination & I'm here to share the re-cap of my trip including some details about traveling during COVID and some tips if you're interested in heading there. There's lots of details so I'll try my best to condense and organize everything below:


We flew to Italy via Alitalia, which is an Italian airline (recently rebranded as ATA). We flew from JFK to FCO (Rome) & from FCO to NAP (Naples).

I don't believe there is a direct flight option leaving form NYC to Naples, but we didn't mind the layover originally as it was about 2.5hours. Maybe a month or two before our trip the layover in Rome went from 2 hours to 9 hours. At first I was pretty annoyed but we took that as an opportunity to enjoy Rome! Naples was only about 40 minutes by air from Rome. Tickets were pretty expensive, but we anticipated this as European trips aren't usually on the cheap side, especially under today's circumstances.

COVID-19 Protocols

I feel like I should have led with this, but with any international travel you should always check government websites for the most up to date COVID-19 restrictions. We had to get a rapid or PCR test within 72 hrs of traveling in order to travel (even if you're fully vaccinated). We also had to get tests to return, which our hotel provided free of charge on site. I highly recommend checking restrictions more than once because in our instance, things changed even after we booked our trip. In Italy, we were asked our vaccination status before eating indoors at a restaurant. We regularly had to show our Vaccination cards (or if you're unvaccinated, a negative test result) throughout the trip.


As I mentioned earlier, Rome was our first destination due to having a layover. While we were there we visited the Sistine Chapel & the Trevi fountain. Both were breathtakingly beautiful. (All my Lizzie McGuire Movie fans from back in the day remember the Trevi fountain) We took the metro (train) from our airport hotel to the Sistine Chapel and from there, haggled a cab to take us 12mins to the Trevi Fountain. While in Rome, we had great pasta, gelato and Aperol Spritz. As Rome is a very condensed, city-like area, I suggest carrying small bags that you can keep in front of you and not putting anything in your pockets. Overall, Rome exceeded my wildest expectations. Such a beautiful city and I definitely plan on returning one day.


Hotel Mediteranneo Sorrento was the hotel we stayed in & they truly delivered on all things luxury and 5 star. We checked in at about 1AM & from the moment we arrived to the moment we checked out we received amazing service. Our room was impeccable, with super high ceilings, a gorgeous bathroom & a balcony. The location was also amazing with sea views the moment you step out of the hotel entrance. We stayed in Sorrento which was the perfect location to get to Positano & Capri while not being too far from the Naples airport. I really don't know how else to summarize this hotel without rambling on, so I hope the pictures I share at the end will sum it up!


Positano was by far my favorite part about this entire trip. It literally brought tears to my eyes seeing something so beautiful up close. It's an authentic town with great restaurants, boat excursions, beach chairs, and local-owned shops. Thew views in Positano were absolutely breathtaking.


My favorite part about Capri was the SHOPPING.


This island has literally any and every luxury brand you can think of, and because you're buying abroad you're saving some money. (Unfortunately the airport was not doing any VAT refunds) It was a shopper's dream being so accessible to so many luxury boutiques. If you're interested in shopping I highly suggest packing light so you have room to bring things back!

The food in Italy is to die for, but like anywhere else, each restaurant is hit or miss. I had some amazing pasta, pizza, aperol spritz, gelato, limoncello, you name it! Food places were also open very late like in NYC so the time difference hunger wasn't too much of an issue. I will disclaim that the trip itself (flights, airport transfers, taxis) and all the activities there were very expensive. I've definitely been on trips where you can get away with not spending too much money in your destination but Italy is not one of those places. The experience is worth every penny in my opinion.

The best season to go to Almafi Coast is the Summer (June through September). If there was anything I didn't get to in this blog, send me a message with any additional questions!