• S. Parris

Trends at High & Low Ends

One of my favorite things about fashion trends is that you can recreate almost any look with different items at many different price points. My favorite outfits usually are "Hi-lo", meaning some items are priced on the lower end & others (usually my shoes/accessories) are priced on the higher end. You don't have to spend $$ to be on trend; whether you do or don't, I've got some options for you below!

Dad Sandals

If you've read my last blog you know dad sandals are on my list of Summer essentials. I absolutely love seeing them styled

Retro Sunglasses

Sunnies really are becoming one of my best accessories. Not sure if it's because I can be worry-free about my under-eye bags or if they just make me feel important!

Resort Shirt

Resort shirts are a classic, unisex style that adds personality to any ensemble. Who says they're just for vacationing senior citizens?

Linen Crop Top

Cropped linen tops for that Mediterranean vaca look *chef's kiss*

Square Toe Mules

Mules are my favorite comfy heel option. It gives Carrie Bradshaw skipping through the city (Just make sure you get a heel height comfy enough to skip in)

Let me know what other trends you'd like to see featured in next post! <3