• S. Parris

New Year, New you

2020 is finally about to do her walk of shame as we get ready to welcome a new year! This year has been such an emotional roller coaster that has made many of us learn to count our blessings. As we prepare to welcome a new year, we're going to set some new goals for ourselves! Here are a few tips on goal setting for 2021

Set realistic & measurable goals for yourself

Although the sky is the limit, you definitely want to make obtainable goals that you know you'll be able to work towards. It also doesn't help to be specific in your goals & set timelines for when you'd like to accomplish them. An example of what this can look like can be: "Read 12 new books by June". Even small goals are fun to plan and checking something off your list feels amazing!

Hold yourself accountable

Accountability is the word of the decade. While setting goals, make sure to check yourself when you feel off track. I usually set reminders or alerts on my phone to bring me back to a focus point throughout my day.

Reward yourself

A goal that can always find a place on my list of resolutions is spending more time loving myself; which includes patting myself on the back when I hold myself to my word. 2020 was such a weird year that we probably forgot to celebrate the small victories. Don't undermine your accomplishments; even if it means you got through a week of adulting.

Looking forward to sharing more posts with you in 2021 & I wish you a happy and health new year!