• S. Parris

minimal mami ft. gold halo eyeshadow

One of my new favorite eyeshadow looks has been the "Halo eye". I first spotted this look on a youtube tutorial by Alissa Ashley, and it is an easy and great eyeshadow look for those with hooded or small eyelids. It brightens the eye and gives the illusion of bigger, more youthful eyes.

To create this halo eye I primed my eyes with L.A. Pro HD concealer in the color "pure beige" and set my eyes with the RCMA translucent setting powder. I always use a warm orangey toned color for my transition shade, and apply it above my crease. Once I did this, I applied a dark brown shade in windshield wiper motions across my crease, and then applied a darker brown in order to deepen it up. I then place the concealer shade in the center of my eyelid and went a little higher than my actual lid (to give the illusion of bigger eyes), and finished it off by putting a pure gold shade in the center. I used nyx matte liner in black to create my wing and use the dark brown shade on the bottom of my eyes. I used white eyeliner on my bottom waterline, but that part is optional depending on the look you are going for.

My lashes are by Eylure in the style "Baroque"

My outfit details are as followed:

Top: Missguided

Pants: Zara

Boots : Zara

Purse: Gucci

Photos by: Tamara Dorismond