• S. Parris

Miami Mami: Trip Re-cap

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

If you follow me on instagram, you've gotten to see some highlights from my recent trip to Miami, FL. I was so excited to go to Miami for the first time as I've heard great things from everyone who has been. I was long overdue for some warm weather and sunshine, so I knew Miami was the perfect place for a quick getaway. I'm going to share where I stayed, where I ate (because you know food is the most important part), and of course some pics! So keep reading to see how how my few days in Miami went.

Stay: Moxy South Beach

I stayed at the Moxy South Beach hotel located on Washington Ave. I was familiar with the Moxy hotel chain because of their famous hotel and "Magic Hour" rooftop in Midtown, NY. I stayed from Sunday to Wednesday and paid around $630 for the stay. Overall, I'd rate the hotel a 7/10. Here are the pros and cons from my stay!


  • Location - Moxy was conveniently walking distance from a lot of restaurants, the beach, bars, convenience stores etc.

  • New - This hotel opened in February 2021, so it had that fresh/new feel and felt very trendy with up to date amenities.

  • Amenities - This hotel had a pool with cabanas, chairs, floats, and pool servers. It also had it's own outdoor Mexican restaurant "Serena" that had a full bar, along with a full bar in the lobby.

  • Service - The service was pleasant from staff and we were able to have a 2 hr early check-in with no hassle. We also received vouchers for a free appetizer and free "bubbly" upon arrival.


  • Rooms - The rooms are TINY. If you've ever been to Europe and stayed in a boutique hotel; that's what it was giving. It was very compact which felt tight at times. Also: there is no closet. Just exposed racks/hangers

  • The pool closes at 7PM. Very early and odd time, especially in an area like South Beach.

  • View - Outside my window was a lovely view of Collins Ct. featuring a vintage dumpster and the occasional illegally parked car! (That was sarcasm if you can't tell)

Things to do

For the sake of time spent reading this blog, I'll include all the places we went while in Miami with a rating next to it. I'll also include pictures at the end! Overall we had amazing food the entirety of the trip.

Barton G. Restaurant: 8/10

Nikki Beach: 10/10

Bar ONE: 9/10

Limonada Bar + Brunch: 10/10

DIOR Café: 9/10

Sugar Factory: 8/10

Traveling in COVID-19

All the Lyfts/Ubers we took while in Miami were in accordance with safety guidelines, which made us comfortable. The restaurants we went to also practiced social distancing and mask enforcement. However, while you're in the street or on the beach there may be a lot of people maskless and condensed. Being from NY we were definitely used to having to wear a mask, but we were surprised to see people being turned away from places because they didn't have or refused to wear a mask. If you're still being cautious about COVID I highly suggest researching restaurants and venues prior to going as it will vary according to your own personal comfort levels.

The vibes I was going for this trip was definitely laid back. I know many people go to Miami as a party destination, but I really just wanted to relax and unplug in some tropical weather without having to travel abroad. I'm sure there are many many things to do and see while in Miami, but I was happy to just spend a few days eating, drinking and relaxing! I've included some pictures below. As always, thanks for stopping by!