• S. Parris

Destination Denim

OK friends it's officially autumn! This week I held the bittersweet task of changing out my Summer wardrobe with my Autumn wardrobe. Every start of the season as I start shopping, I basically rotate out my old clothes for my new ones. This year in particular I found myself getting rid of and buying new denim. Now, just a brief history of my relationship with denim before we proceed; a couple years ago I fell out of love with jeans. As my "adult" body kicked in and I became more bottom heavy, I found it harder to shop for jeans that felt comfortable and fit without that darned gap in the back. (As Beyoncé so eloquently said, "If you don't jump to put jeans on baby you don't feel my pain)


I'm not proud of it, but I found myself buying denim from Fashion Nova. Now, there's NOTHING wrong with fast fashion. But most FN denim had too high of an elastane percentage and that ultimately meant they aged horribly. I wore them because I thought having a pear shape meant having to sacrifice good quality denim. Today, ladies and gents, I'm here to tell you my faith in denim is restored! I'm including some of my personally favorite brands to shop for good quality jeans for ALL body types.

Current favorite brands to shop for denim:

Current favorite denim trends/styles:

  • Mom Jean

  • Balloon or Wide Leg Jeans

  • Straight

  • Boyfriend

After much trial and error, I've learned that my happy place when it comes to jeans are high rise (11"+), non-skinny, 1-2% elastane jeans. I'm 5"4 and curvy on the bottom, so high waisted & straighter jeans accentuate my waist and don't give me that gap in the back of my pants. Personally I don't feel like I need to wear super skinny or formfitting jeans to show my shape. I prefer a more subtle, relaxed denim (see below)

Finding the right style of denim just takes a day of trying-on & seeing which feels the most natural on you based on your shape and height. Be sure to pay attention to:

Inseam - Length from the inside seam (crotch to bottom)

Rise - length of the middle inseam (Crotch to waistband)

Thanks for reading! <3