• S. Parris

Black Owned Brunchin': NYC

One thing that remains constant in my life through any season is BRUNCH! The older I get the more I appreciate brunches and day parties that allow me to still reach home in time for my internal bed time (don't judge me). NYC has so many restaurants to fit whatever mood you're in. I personally love an instagram-worthy venue with hearty food options and of course bottomless drink options; because let's face it, who doesn't like getting wasted while the sun is still out?

Another great thing about NYC is the variety of Black owned restaurants. So, I'm combining my love for brunch with my love for all things Black owned to share some of my favorite Black owned brunches in the city!

Negril BK

One of my favorite Caribbean restaurants in NYC. Usually when you want good authentic Caribbean food you have to sacrifice atmosphere for authenticity, but not in this case! Negril BK offers Sunday brunch featuring some staple Jamaican dishes & cocktail options.

Kokomo NYC

Can you tell Caribbean inspired is my jam?! Kokomo is a fairly new restaurant located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that exudes everything tropical through their decor, menu and music.

Chocolat Restaurant & Bar

A charming corner eatery specializing in American comfort food (by comfort food I mean wear stretchy pants!) located in Harlem.


A very chic & mature soul food restaurant with classic menu items like chicken & waffles, and baked Mac & cheese. If you're looking for a more relaxed brunch, I highly recommend!

Harlem Hookah

Some people like a side of bacon with their brunch, others prefer a side of hookah! So why not have both at Harlem Hookah? Enjoy a classic American brunch, music, and some hookah with friends.


Described as a "Woodsy-chic" cafe, Sisters in BK is a perfect brunch choice. Aside from being lit with lots of natural sunlight, Sisters is also lit with live music, DJ sets & occasional art exhibitions.

There are a bunch of great Black owned restaurants to choose from in the city, so don't be afraid to Google some new ideas and see where you end up next weekend! I hope you grab some friends and visit one or all of the brunch destinations featured in this post :)