• S. Parris

Best & Worst: Luxury Shoe Edition

If it's one thing I learned from binge watching Sex & the City a million times, is that we all have a bit of Carrie Bradshaw in us. Some of us have the messy dating life, a drama-worthy group of best friends, or a love for designer shoes (or all of the above!)

I started what I like to call a junior collection of luxury shoes over the years; ranging from my first splurge as a broke college student to my more recent and well-thought out purchases. Over the years of learning about comfort, functionality, and longevity I've mentally categorized my shoes into buckets. For the purpose of this blog post and to possibly save another shoe-lover from a painful pump, I'm going to share a few shoes that I own that I think are the best & worst! As always, this is only my personal opinion. If you feel differently about some of the pairs mentioned, LOVE that for you!

I'll save the best for last.


1. Saint Laurent Opyum Logo Heel Sandal - Note this isn't in any specific order, yet these were the 1st shoes to come to mind when I think of the term "beauty is pain". As beautiful as these shoes are, they make me feel like I'm standing on stilts. In the 2 years I've owned them, they still haven't seen the light of day. If you're going to buy this style of YSL heels, I prefer getting the lower heel height!

2. Christian Louboutin Patent Pigalle Follies 100mm Heels - When Cardi said "these is bloody shoes" I don't think she was talking about the blood-red roles, but the fact that your feet might feel like they're actually bleeding. I've tried these shoes with insoles, tried stretching the toe box, you name it! They just have to be categorized as the Car-to seat-to car collection.

3. Valentino Garavani Rockstud PVC Flat Thong Sandals - These sandals were my first "splurge" shoe purchase back in 2016 when I was still a part-time employed college student. Although very cute & trendy: these are just $400 jelly sandals like the ones we wore back in the 90's. They're pretty hard material, so they're not comfy to wear long-term.


1. Alexander Wang Nova High Heel Sandals - These shoes are one of my faves! I love the minimal design and the wide toe box allows for support & comfort ALL day. Highly recommend this pair!

2. Saint Laurent Opyum Leather Boots - OK don't drag me. I literally put the sandals version on the worsts list; but the boots are another story! Because they're a boot they have so much more support. I also bought these boots in the shorter heel height which makes them easier to walk in.

3. Bottega Veneta Stretch Sandals - This is the newest addition to my collection and already my favorite! The heel height is only 3.5 inches with a wide, square toe box. These sandals include rubber on the sole which is very easy to walk in. In addition to being so comfy, this style of mule is timeless and will make statements years from now!

I hope as you build your shoe collection you can reference this post for some ideas and some shoes to stay away from! Your feet will thank you.

- Shatina